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1) PRIVATE PRACTICE at BMI The Lincoln Hospital

Private Consultation, Investigations, Operations

Consultations for Prostate Problems, testicular pain, elevated PSA blood test

Bladder cancer, followup & investigations
Bladder tumor resection endoscopic (TURBT)

Blood in Urine investigations
Bladder Stone treatment 

Botox Injection into Bladder muscle

Catheter removal after retention (trial without catheter)
Circumcision (adult) under Local and General anaesthesia
Consultation & Investigations for blood in urine
Consultation & Investigations for problems passing
water/urine (BPH, stricture etc)
Cystoscopy rigid / Cystoscopy flexible (telescopic examination of bladder)
Epididymal cysts (scrotal) surgery 
Hydrocele surgery
Incontinence issues
Prostate endoscopic operation (TURP)
including GYRUS TURP
Urological cancer consultation   
Urinary incontinence
Vasectomy reversal
If you have Private Health Insurance or want to be seen privately as self pay- 

Private consultation Appointments by contacting

Urology Private Secretary - Callum Bowman
BMI Lincoln Hospital ,
Nettleham Road, Lincoln,
LN2 1QU 
Phone - 01522 574 742
Fax - 01522 574 713   
2) National Health Service (NHS)
United Lincolnshire Health trust (ULHT)
~ Lincoln & Louth County Hospitals
Mr.Varadaraj's Firm  
*Specialised Urological services 
Laparoscopic (key-hole) surgery, Ureteric and Kidney stone endoscopic surgery - Rigid & Flexible ureteroscopy with lasering of stones, JJ Ureteric stent. Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty. Children routine Urological surgery for undecended testicle, circumcision.
~Urological cancer and surgery - Kidney, Ureter, Bladder, Prostate, Penile, Testicular cancers on 2 week wait referral system.
Raised PSA and Prostate biopsy, Investigation of haematuria (blood in the urine)
~Major cancer operation - Keyhole surgery to remove kidney cancer (Laparoscopic Nephrectomy), Renal Pelvis & ureter cancer (Laparoscopic Nephroureterectomy), 
*General Urology services provided
Lower urinary tract symptoms (BPH), Female urology, Pediatric urology (routine), Scrotal and penile conditions. 
Surgical Procedures like TURP, Circumcision, Scrotal surgeries including hydrocele repair & epididymal cysts excision, Intravesical Botox injection. 
General Urology clinic, Lincoln County Hospital- Alternate Thursday AM

Joint Urology-Oncology(cancer) clinic, Lincoln- Friday PM

General Urology clinic, Louth County Hospital- Monday AM
Lincoln County Hospital- Tuesday - full day

Louth County Hospital- alternate Monday PM
NHS Appointments is via your GP + Choose and Book system from your GP clinic.
Contact telephone number for my secretaries 
Lincoln County Hospital - Secretary: (01522) 573974
Louth County Hospital- Secretary: (01507) 631451

Patients referred by their GPs or patient who request for referral by choice under NHS
can be seen by Mr.Varadaraj in the Choose and Book clinic (C&B) in BMI Lincoln Hospital on 
Wednesday afternoon like in NHS hospitals. There is a waiting time for appointments 
due to to the demand for the limited service provided under C&B in BMI Lincoln Hospital.

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